Speaking Event, May 1

I will be presenting a workshop at the annual California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies. This will be the first part of my six hour training that can be downloaded here: Training Powerpoint. CASRA is an important local resource that has supported me over the years.  Click to view  2019 Flyer

Reflections of a Bachelor

It offered stillness To a world That was so active Twirling tearfully Like numb-chucking Buzzards overwhelming Peripheral horizons; Its peace prevailed In the dim after hours: Dish rack in disciplined order, scant suds Loitering around the drain, counter Clear except for an occasional dish rag Somehow charismatic in its grunge.   A few hours earlier … Continue reading Reflections of a Bachelor

Another Award, hope I’ll make it to the next level

Dear Tim, We had a staggering 1,023 entries in the 2018 TopShelf Indie Book Awards, and your book Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a "Schizophrenia" and Mainstream Cultural Delusions has been selected as a Finalist in the category of Autobiography/Biography! Warm Regards, Keith Katsikas CEO & Publisher TopShelf Magazine

What you can Learn from my DIY Online Store Launch:

It has been another stressful month of intense weekend work and low levels of published output on my blog. I finally invested in a WordPress Business Plan and after two months of unsuccessful haggling on Fiver, I hired a web designer at a reasonable price to construct me a professional website.   Well, investing in … Continue reading What you can Learn from my DIY Online Store Launch:

Website Launch

Bay Area Psychotherapist and Survivor of a Schizophrenia Diagnosis Launches Website to Sell Award-Winning Memoir and Training Services! In launching online store, author Tim Dreby comes out of the closet to promote his writing platform. Selling books and services independently marks a new beginning for the middle-age debut writer who works to redefine the manner … Continue reading Website Launch

The Average, One-Lining, Love-Liable Narrator

When I profess to love you forever, You should know, cause I already told you That I’m lying—that my love is for never.   Now I can see that your attractive look Diminishes as time passes on, first Impressions of your beauty, I know I mistook   Because now your pimple skin has pus; Now … Continue reading The Average, One-Lining, Love-Liable Narrator

Leaving My Hometown with Nothing but a Platonic Relationship

My mission has become a haze In these droning hours—   Snaking pavement, Grass coated medians: Another couple hundred miles, Another tank of diesel fuel, Another nook and cranny town Left unexplored by my consciousness As the gas logo sign posts, Bat me in the eye Like flies Pillars and bridges are swooping down With … Continue reading Leaving My Hometown with Nothing but a Platonic Relationship