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Tim Dreby has only been at it since 2015 and has been featured on several podcasts including Madness Radio and Psychosis Summit.  He has been published on blogs like: Mad in America, The Mighty, and PsychCentral Pro. He has provided local workshops on redefining psychosis during a grant program he led called The Special Messages Project and currently collaborates speaking at workshops for the Hearing Voices Network. He also speaks annually at California Association of Social Rehabilitation Association. For media requests please contact at his personal email:


Tim Dreby is a psychotherapist and award-winning author who yearns to change the way the clinics and the public greet experiences associated with “psychosis.” Tim’s first publication, Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a “Schizophrenia” and Mainstream Cultural Delusions, was published in 2015. This work received five-star reviews from authorities such as Readers Views, Readers Favorite, Midwest Book Reviews, and Book Viral Spotlight. It ranked 8 out of over a thousand in the 2015 Book Viral Contest. In 2016 it received an Honorable Mention Award in Reader’s Favorite Annual Contest. It received four awards in 2016 Human Relations Indie Award, including Directors Choice for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book. In 2018 it was a Finalist in the Top Shelf Indie Book Award. Raised as a faculty rat in a Quaker school, Tim moved to the inner-city to attend a commuter college and to hide a history of male anorexia. Still healing from his experience in the state hospital nineteen years ago, he works on an urban back ward in Oakland California and writes to help revolutionize the way psychosis is treated.

5-Star Reviews



Winner of four categories!!!

 Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Human Relations Life Adjustment Indie Book.
Gold Winner, Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book
Silver Winner Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book
Bronze Winner,  Self Reflection/Memoir Human Relations Indie Book

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