A Cowboy Y Whoop

dedicated to the X generation Can your phone number really resuscitate His junkyard of childhood squalor? Clamped to excess his hand pleads for more, Probes darkness like a Buddha incarnate, Clutches for survival, squeezes his mate! And still the sponge holds water, ever more! As his orange does citrus, opens the sore! Loss of past … Continue reading A Cowboy Y Whoop

The Evolution of the Fish in a Tank

A silk swim swish slides through water Settling to a sit still for a momentary sigh Till tail then thrusts inching forward Flaunting beauty through water With an unacknowledged triumphant cry. As the fish meanders, does it find Aquatic objects Dancing in pirouettes as they wind Dizzy in their swirls of activity That exists and … Continue reading The Evolution of the Fish in a Tank