My Reason for Investing in the Concept of a Brand

I’ve never thought much about it, but maybe the fact that I attract few friends and develop mostly adversaries is a disadvantage in my life as a writer. Historically, I have used this kind of rejection and disinterest to increase my focus on the craft. At a certain point, I stopped trying to get others … Continue reading My Reason for Investing in the Concept of a Brand

Reflections on a Hearing Voices Network Training

The Hearing Voices Network training that I attended in the end of January turned out to be a time for self-reflection and personal growth. I experienced a mixture of validation and a profound sense of alienation. One of the trainers, Marty, sensed this in me and asked me to reach out after the training was … Continue reading Reflections on a Hearing Voices Network Training

Season’s Greetings

Twas the night before new years and up in the houseThe APA approved therapist fell asleep on the couchThe patients kept on talking ‘neath bulbs translucent glareGrateful that working through psychosis was permitted there . . . The last two holiday seasons I have spent Christmas in bed with a fever and here I sit … Continue reading Season’s Greetings

Advancing “Psychosis” Treatment Locally

In the month of October, there have been some exciting developments in the local efforts to make hearing voices groups available to the public. HVN-USA is coming out to San Francisco to provide a three-day training for twenty-five individuals, including several people who have been attending groups in East Oakland where I provide a free … Continue reading Advancing “Psychosis” Treatment Locally

Keeping My Eyes on the Prize

As the summer wanes, there is still that sense of loss. The traffic in and out of work always thickens, the days shorten, and we in California must start to pray for rain. Last weekend my dog turned two and she and I are readying ourselves for our weekly hike.   Last weekend I flew … Continue reading Keeping My Eyes on the Prize

Dog Days of Summer

This Month I have hired a freelancer to help me optimize my website, an expensive but necessary endeavor. I also fixed a glitch in store that was not allowing customers to check out. It is the dog days of summer and while I am fortunate to live in a bubble that doesn't get hot, yet … Continue reading Dog Days of Summer

What you can Learn from my DIY Online Store Launch:

It has been another stressful month of intense weekend work and low levels of published output on my blog. I finally invested in a WordPress Business Plan and after two months of unsuccessful haggling on Fiver, I hired a web designer at a reasonable price to construct me a professional website.   Well, investing in … Continue reading What you can Learn from my DIY Online Store Launch:

Waiting to Hear Back

Having returned from an east coast trip to attend the memorial of my stepfather, I am a little late with my monthly update. The trip back east was hard as my mother is currently suffering from her loss. I tried to spend time with her to offer her support, but my need to stay busy … Continue reading Waiting to Hear Back